sebastian bergne: typology of objects

My first encounter with Sebastian was a long time ago. Truth is that I have taken on many projects in the last years that made me blog less and do less Drawn Interviews. Very soon I am turning 30 and first on my list of unpublished content is London-based designer Sebastian Bergne. He loves glass, collects many things and creates objects for specific occasions.

Back in the days I visited his studio in the morning. It is in a weirdly shaped litte house that is build in between two houses, close to a bridge. He really is one of the tallest designers I know, apart from Dutch Jorre van Ast. The reason why I wanted to meet him? For starters I come across his Candleloop, a “candlestick clip that converts any empty wine bottle into a candelabra”, everywhere I go and second I enjoyed a show with his new designs for wine consumption at The Aram Gallery years ago. Cru was an exhibition that came to existens because he has been collecting wine corks for some time. Nice to see that a habit can lead to a whole project. I also remember that next to my Drawn Interview I asked him to draw for the Mestakes & Manifestos project of Daniel Charney that I did 2 years ago. You see, there are many reasons.

If you want to listen to Sebastian, watch this video that was filmed at the Mudam Luxemburg. He talks about his recent exhibition that deals with what is happening on the table. If you want to purchase some of the objects you see, you can go to his own webshop called Buy Sebastian Bergne. Here is what he drew for me:

Draw yourself

Describe yourself on one word

Draw your favourite object

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