sam jacob: not just ‘fat’, also fun : )


Sam cracks me up

I haven’t published anyone in the ‘fancy you’ category since a while, but Sam Jacob, director of FAT, Fashion Architcture Taste, an architectural practice based in London, changed that. During the Vienna Design Week I spend half a day with Sam, who is also the curator of the ‘Design Criminals – Or a New Joy into the World’ show at the MAK in Vienna. The show is about the idea that Designers should be challenged to probe into the tradition of decoration and to place it in a social context with every day issues. Sam chose contributions by breadedEscalope, Nina Levett, Sebastian Menschhorn, Patrick Rampelotto, Andreas Pohancenik, among others. The show runs till 14th November 2010.

In this video by you can watch Sam and me (1:48 min) having dinner at Studio Olgoj Chorchoj‘s installation at Liechtenstein Museum. The title of the work is ‘Back to the childhood’ (see previous post). Does children drink wine these days?

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