rory dodd: 1/2 mr. designersblock




hm.. his shirt matches the interior. is there an intention behind this?

last friday I went to the newdesigners. before I checked on the internet if there is anything I shouldnt miss. I subscribed to 2 lectures and one of them was a panel discussion that gives three different perspectives on life after graduation. the presenter was rory dodd, one of the founders of designersblock. he and piers roberts founded the platform 1998 (10th anniversary, isnt it?) in london. the idea was to present innovative design from all over the world. best in an uncommon manner. I remember the big designersblock party in milan, at the salone di mobile, this year – the location was a vacant public swimming pool. rory told me that they not even had a official licence. make it big and nobody will question you. definitely he seems to be somebody who is not afraid of taking risks. kithkin, a creative collective, and associate were the other 2 contents of the lecture. but rory was the godfather of all.

some new perspectives

vj rory? I wanted a portrait, he wanted this

new designers theater

draw yourself


describe yourself in one word


draw your favourite product


inside out record

collaboration between Ian atkins and joss debae for kithkin. a negative remix achieved by pouring fast-cast resin straight onto a vinyl record

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