peter marigold: how clay and wood had a get together


I had to think about Hella Jongerius Long Neck and Groove Bottles, where she made a statement and combined glass and porcelain with some tape. The two materials are impossible to combine. A challenge for all generations of designers. London-based Peter Marigold didn’t try to combine wood and clay, but used the wood as mould for the clay vases. What actually made me think of comparing both designs are some of the project pictures on Peter’s website. The clay almost seems to go perfectly with the wood, but obviously rather stays on its own.

Peter made the DUG vessels and STUFF vessels for the ‘Objects with a Void’ exhibition which was part of the London Design Festival. Watch a video about the show here, where Tetsuo from Study O Portable explains the concept.

This id one of the moulds.

2 thoughts on “peter marigold: how clay and wood had a get together

  1. nice! see some of these vessels and works by Ella Robinson and India Carpenter at The Aram Gallery from 14th January!