passionswege: designers encounter artisans, gell?

Set of dustpan & brush designed by Matylda Krzykowski

Working with craftsman was a need I always felt. I previously did work with designers and some of them could be eventually titled artisans, but tradition is something that can’t be established within a few years. It is based on experience and history. In spring I got an email from Tulga Beyerle, one of the directors of Vienna Design Week, who invited me to participate at Passionswege, a project introduced in 2006 that brings designers together with Austrian craftsman. Three emails later she announced that I will work not just with one company but with two: a brush maker and a horn master. People get excited for many reasons but I pee my pants because of get-togethers with skilled and determined people. Here I was, in magic Vienna with two men that I regularly spend time with until we were happy with the set of objects I designed. During these times I came across sets of brushes, unseen and stunning, by Austrian architect Carl Auböck, who worked with both workshops in the 60’s and 70’s. I wanted to recall his work as well instead of presenting just what I have done. At the end we share a similar experience with horn and bristle. The presentation of my pieces was in October and today opens another exhibition around this project. WerkStadt Vienna hosts a selection of work from the last 6 years in this project, curated by Sophie Lovell and scenography made by Studio Makkink & Bey.

Various types of bristle. For most brushes the wild boar hair is used.

Norbert Meier , brush maker & craftsman

Untreated horn tips from the Ankole-Watusi

Thomas Petz , horn craftsman

Fiddling around with horn ends at home. Intending to use the natural shape of the horn in the designs, a shape that is given, but has barely been used with the material

A polished horn end with a row of bristle

Matylda Krzykowski

Old publication about brushes for the industry that Norbert Meier father left him

Clothing brush & beard brush designed by Carl Auböck, 1924 -1993

Clothing brush in the shape of an ‘M’ designed in the 70s, a gift from Norbert Meier that is now a precious souvenir to me

A small publication with images around the workshops of both artisans and work by Carl Auböck that accompanies the project

Dustpan designed by Matylda Krzykowski

Powder brush designed by Matylda Krzykowski

Lilli Hollein and Tulga Beyerle at Norbert Meier’s workshop

Children fooling around with horn

Presentation during Vienna Design Week at Norbert Meier’s workshop

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