oslo hilton: paris’s little brother?



his real name is maurits van de grift (so typical dutch) he loves girls and loves to dj. the first time that I heard about him was when I became a fan of strfckr on myspace. the 2 meter man with the long hair (he was brushing his hair 2 times while we were sitting in the meander office) actually wanted to became a fashion designer in his younger days but realized, after 2 years of study, that there is no adequate mission in the fashion world for him. being a dj is what he intends and even his mum is proud of her ‘little’ boy. oslo hilton started with hip hop in the 90ies but now his style is multidisciplinary without minimal (he hates it). amsterdam is his homebase but he would love to travel the world and spin the records everywhere. the strfckr dude is a darling who prepared egg salad sandwiches for me, a passion we have in common, and took me out to the paradiso club where we had some vodka and were dancing to hip hop and pop music. my final words: if life could be a strfckr song I would choose ‘I hate the 80ies‘.

oslo hilton wodka

polaroids on his wall

oslo at his desk in the club meander, this desktop background is the dutch female hockey team

maurits at home

draw yourself

oslo – the falco fan

describe yourself in one word

‘lieferd’ with an f, means ‘sweetheart’ in dutch

draw your favourite product

he said: it’s his best-selling product!

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