osko+deichmann: not yellow, just blue


I received Osko+Deichmann‘s Newsletter last week. It says that the Berlin-based design team present a new collection of objects at the Parisienne Gallery S.Bensimon. The show is called ‘Natural Indigo’ and presents a selection of blue work. I never heard about the space before but apparently French Serge Bensimon, a pioneer of the concept store in France, has dedicated one of his spaces to design and contemporary art.

As it happens I was in Berlin and visited Olli & Blasius at their studio one day later. Unfortunately the whole collection was on its way to Paris and there was just one of their experiments left. A bright yellow chair with a stucco-like coating, a phenomenon they both observed on the streets of big cities. Mostly lamp posts and other similar street furniture is covered with the special anti-fly-poster-coating to prevent people from putting stickers and posters everywhere. Can’t wait to see the rest of the blue collection. Not just on dezeen. Because the yellow chair reminds me of the bird called Bibo from Sesamestreet.

Olli & Blasius at their studio, always an eye on what happens around

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