NO design miami for me

its not really a design related post. it is a personal one.

I am very angry today, especially because I meant to collect some good content for my blog at design miami in miami. I had loads of appointments and drawn interviews planned out. I mean, the great and good of the industry gather for this event. me and my friend robert andriessen from wanted to do some video interviews. and now I can’t go. I couldn’t fly to miami today because my passport is not valid the next 6 months. that’s it. it is valid now. enough for most countries. maybe it’s my fault because I didn’t realise that earlier. but why did I recieve a visa aproval from esta? I mean, I have been in america before. never had problems. sure, it’s annoying that they are asking so many questions at the airport but that’s how they are, the americans. they want to know stuff. the consequence is that I officially decided to never watch an episode of american dad anymore. I probably will have a weak moment about that when I can’t fall asleep next time but I will try.


thanks wallpaper magazine for the image. I stole it from your website. I really wanted to take good pictures in miami but what happend today made me a thief. : )

2 thoughts on “NO design miami for me

  1. Als het een enige troost kan zijn. Er zal zeker een tijd komen dat Design miami pas zal beginnen als jij gearriveerd bent. Cheers up….