moritz waldemeyer: makes the future



moritz with a gibson guitar,
sitting on a royal appointment chair for corian

design miami starts in 2 days. I am very excited about going there. one reason is that east germany-born moritz waldemeyer is presenting his collaboration with indie pop-sensation ok go. he told me about it when I popped into his studio about 3 weeks ago. there were a couple of gibson guitars standing in his south london-based studio. fendi commissioned him to ‘redesign’ the guitars. he customized the gibson’s with laser lights and fendi material for a design performance that will be presented every day during miami’s design event.

when I arrived at moritz’s, I expected him to have a huge, futuristic studio, assembled with loads of led’s and tech stuff that an ordinary person doesn’t get. but fantasy isn’t usually the truth. moritz is still working in his old apartment, a small cluttered studio that is obviously good enough to create his cutting-edge ‘tech-art’ work. he likes the english, loves london, but hates the food. he either eats italian, which is probably an influence from his wife. when moritz talks about the huge number of collaborations he has done, it feels like the way I would talk about my friends; totally informal and fun. moritz sticks to old habits and goes by bike everyday. he let slip that he likes fast cars. I am sure one day, very soon, he will have the lamborghini he deserves. but I am not sure what it is going to look like when he starts adding lasers to it?

watch moritz’s pecha kucha presentation from earlier this month here


moritz drawing


moritz’s favourite magazine – the only one he subscribes to


hussein chalayan‘s video dress


hussein chalayan‘s transforming dresses


bono‘s laser jacket

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