mk initals: thank you everyone!

v.l.t.r: Charlotte Dumoncel D’Argance, Martino Gamper, Julien Renault, Felix Baumsteiger, Jan Boelen, Fabia Zindel, Formafantasma, Theda Schoppe

A little side project. One day, before London Design Festival, I realised that I need new business cards. I usually put the portraits of the designers I met for Mat & Me on them but I wanted a change. I asked some designers directly, others via a Facebook status, if they fancy to design an ‘MK’, my initials for the backside of my cards.

Julien Carreterro

Here it is. That’s the outcome of 22 hours. Every single one was a truthful happy moment of my day. I carry them around in a little booklet and people that I run into get to make their own pick. Like a little artwork. Have a proper look at all of them on my website. Click here. Thanks again! I am happy to have them all! Lalala Btw. I am planning to print more once I gave all of them away. Feel free to send me an MK, if you are up for it. Send it to:

Below: v.l.t.r: Tilmann Appel, Charlotte Dumoncel D’Argance, Moritz Firchow, Rob Truijen, Llot Llov, Sven Franzen, Tina Roeder, Victor Hunt

ps. No complains! I LOVE all of them. Check the website for all. This is just an extract of the project! =)

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