laura pregger: self-made manufacturer


Laura in the ‘Fabrik’, her new studio

I met Laura Pregger first time in 2008 at Tent during London design festival. She exhibited with her colleagues from cooperation//STANDARD at the annual design event. Laura says by working together they found new interpretations of everyday-objects. The team play made them add ‘cooperation’ to their name. Nifty jewelry pieces are what they make.

The Swiss-based girl is not just working with her colleagues, she is also an independent designer specialised in ceramics. There was always a fascination with the delicate material.

The second time I bumped into her was at the DMY Design Festival in Berlin this year. She exhibited on her own. All her pieces are handmade and everything she knows about porcelain, she has taught herself. The second encounter was followed by an invitation to her studio in Basel. Laura has just build herself a workshop for her objects with the delicate texture. I am curious where I will meet her the next time.

‘LP 08 // D5.1.1’, 2008

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