joost van bleiswijk + kiki van eijk: grade of quality


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recollections was the name kiki van eijk and joost van bleiswijk gave their exhibition at the design week in milan this year. both are independent designers with different works. but often they presented their work together. obviously there is a link through aesthetic and craftsmanship. the dutch duo prefers to design in a high-quality manner. they think that people appreciate characteristic things more than cheap and easy manufactured design. in my opinion there is a rising demand of higher levels of quality. and these two designers can be seen as a role model.

no screw no glue
joost: wall cabinet, 2008

no screw no glue
joost: no screw, no glue – trophy, lantern, candelabrum, 2008

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stamped and sealed vase
kiki: stamped and sealed, vase, teapot, vase, 2008

stamped and sealed jewelskiki: stamped and sealed jewels, 2008

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last year kiki was nominated for the award ‘designer of the future’, given out by design miami. and there were just 7 nominees in the world, which is a great honour. unfortunatly I haven’t asked her how this feels. but I am sure this emotion is great.

One thought on “joost van bleiswijk + kiki van eijk: grade of quality

  1. Haaa, wat super super leuk:D Ben blij dat jij wel met ze hebt kunnen spreken! Ga dit Kiki morgen even laten lezen!

    Liefs Tess