how a free copy of a daily newspaper can teach you a little design

Design Museum London put their current location on sale. The museum will move from their top notch location at the Thames to the former Commonwealth Institute. All this will happen in 2014.

This is actually old news, but I found the pictures that I took begin of November of this newspaper articles today and feel like to share them. When I am in London, I commute from very far East to Shoreditch and read a free copy of Metro in the train. You can find daily news, a huge gossip celebrity section, theater reviews (so typical London) and the usual bits like Sports. On the 2nd November I was amazed how much ‘Design News’ you can find in one single issue of the paper. Here is what I found our or already knew that day.

The Science Museum presents a new show called ‘Hidden Heroes’ focusing on daily things we use that are so common that we rarely think about them, for example teabags and scissors

Lovely Libby Sellers opened a show called ‘Granmateria’ on her new gallery location in West End. And there is a ‘Designbazar‘. I actually just checked the website and I am don’t think that this belongs to this ‘Design News’ post, because what I found is quite kitsch, graphic and jewlery focused, but that might be interesting for someone else.

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