henny van nistelrooy: changing adaption



henny van nistelrooy is dutch. the dutch guy choose to stay in london after graduating in design products at the royal college of art. all this just happend 2 years ago. now he and his colleague oscar diaz founded parallel projects, where they bring themselves into the position of curating design events.

that’s where I met henny in person, at one of their exhibitions in the brompton design district, south london. ‘three yet one’ (see previous entry) was one of the two shows they were responsible for during the london design festival. I didn’t had much time to talk to henny (it’s busy during design festival), but he was an excellent guide through the show and a perfect model for the portrait. I am sure that now, after becoming facebook friends, we gonna keep in touch and maybe do a bike tour. like authentic dutch people do.


henny van nistelrooy and oscar diaz, founder parallel projects
in front of the entry of the ‘three yet one’ exhibition

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