hansandfranz: a megacool answer to german design




konstantin landuris and horst wittmann alias hansandfranz

hansandfranz are 2 students of interior design at the academy of visual arts in munich. they meet at uni and decided to work together. and they do it since 2006. to be honest, I never heard about them before. but when I visited the [d3] design talents exhibiton at the imm in cologne I passed their stand. konstantin was sitting their, next to the lights, being dreamy. next to the stand was a board. the word ‘supercool’ grabbed my attention – the name of the light. and I decided to talk to this guy without knowing anything about him and his work. he was surprised but did everything I wanted him to do. and when finally his fellow horst came along the hansandfranz team was complete.

when you google ‘hans and franz’ the first hit is a wikipedia entry about 2 characters from a sketch comedy tv show. I read the article and was more than surprised when I found this under ‘cultural references’: ‘two designers from germany, konstantin landuris and horst wittmann, work under the name of “hansandfranz”, inspired by the “snl” (saturday night live) namegiving.’ – they are young designers and they are already mentioned at wikipedia – that makes them megacool. find some more reasons here (onoffice magazine)


the ‘troja’ arc lamp received a special award at satellite 2007, milano


plastic and aluminium ‘three’ tripod lamp


a line of individual led’s – ‘supercool’ lamp


‘supercool’ lamp

konstantin landuris:

draw yourself


describe yourself in one word – ineloquent


draw your favourite product –
toio lamp by italian designer achille castiglioni


horst wittmann:

draw yourself


describe yourself in one word – chaotic


draw your favourite product


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