gilbert flöck: just FLOECK


gilbert flöck lives and works in his studio in cologne. he is educated as a social pedagogue and says:’ I am not a social pedagogue. but I earn my money with social pedagogy.’ – but his instincts formed him to an artist.

when I asked him about his favourite work, he immediatly speaks about his ‘moving’ sculptures. figures consisting of mdf and links who give the impression of movement in a sexual situation. his use of wheels or links is remarkable. quite recently he used to work in a doss house. and maybe he wants to create an idea of detachment in his work. the detachment of the homeless because they have to be on the move.

gilbert and me in his selfmade kitchen

‘mobitat’ – his idea of a living quarter on wheels
inside you find his sleeping room/bed – the couch is on the top

multifunctionality – 3 restored closets on wheels which are affiliated with each other

essecke’ (eating corner) – approx. 10 m2 mdf – 56 links, 4 people, 1 table, 2 chairs – 2003

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| gilbert flöck |
| kunstwerk cologne | – germany’s largest studio building. here you can find approx. 180 artists from various disciplines

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