el ultimo grito: tinkering with tables


Berlin-based gallery Helmrinderknecht is about to close. They have new plans. Apparently they want to have an open space rather than being captured in a small location. We will see… Their current show ends in 2 days. ‘Freak Show: Strategies for (Dis)engagement in Design’ is curated by Sofie Lovell, who is responsible for the book Limited Edition. El Ultimo Grito‘s ‘cardboard, tape and resin table’ is one of the pieces in the show.

Roberto Feo and Rosario Hurtado have contributed an alternative design and production method for a dining table. The table is from their collection of lightweight furniture. Have a look at the underside if the table on Axel Daniel Reinert’s blog. I like the colourway of the table. Neon can go so wrong but it’s so perfect here.

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