dw1: a new gallery in Basel


From l. t. r: Kathrin Schuhmacher and Tim Bleichnert, owner of DW1, Design and Work of Arts, together with designer Laura Pregger, who exhibits her work in the recently opened gallery. On the right are Moritz Walther and Tobias Schäfer who are part of the collective cooperation // standard. Their work is also displayed in the gallery next to some vintage pieces of well-known designers.

The gallery space has two floors. All pieces are selected by Tim and Kathrin from DW1. Until now, both were dealing and selling design within their own network or via internet. Recently they decided to settle down and open their own gallery. This is their first exhibition ever. Their focus is a mix of contemporary and vintage design.

The display is made by Tobias Schäfer of cooperation // standard and is full of jewelery made by the collective.

LP 08 // D1.3.1 by Laura Pregger

Crowdwalker by Tobias Schäfer of cooperation // standard and two cups by Laura Pregger

1980s bookcase by Ettore Sottsass

Commodo by my superhero Achille Castiglioni

St. Johanns Rheinweg in Basel including a poetic view to the Rhine

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