dutch design week: show me the talent in 2008

another event at the dutch design week. the designhuis (eindhoven’s design museum – some people would even say that it is another playground for lidewij edelkoort, ex-chairwoman design academy) presents a detailed exhibition of works of 180 students from over 30 european design colleges and universities. the good thing: it covers all disciplines that contribute to the creative industry. here is a little selection..lalala – some work, like jon stam‘s curiosity cabinet and joni neelen‘s preparing dreams bed were also exhibited here (and at the design academy graduation show).


karakters by leon de lange (design academy, eindhoven) – its a series of furniture meant to lean against, sit on or lie on. they weight only 7 kilo’s and are made for different arrangements.



reallimited by katharina mischer (design academy, eindhoven) – the products ‘reallimited’ create a clear visualization that our natural resources are finite. the money that is generated by the sale of the limited editions will go to the projects which are working in the field of environmental conservation.


frederik forsman – I can’t tell you anything about his work. there was no description. just a simple note (like one you would write your shopping on) with the text: contact this designer? frederik forsman, frederik@jointeffort.se – so, do it if you want!



interventions and disguises by catrin morgan (rca, london) – catrin gives existing texts new form. for this she collected passaged from different books containing the word butterfly. if you read it you will discover hidden codes, symbols and links.


knitted radiator by hedvig af ekenstam (konstfack, sweden) – can you make a foldable vacuum cleaner? hedvig examined, not only the industrial materials that we usually associate and use for such products, but also textile.



precious by staffan holm (hdk, gothenburg) – it’s a project concerning emotional value of design. how do you deal with a product that is damaged? repair it, so that the changes can be seen – add value

__________________at least, some other things:


designhuis foyer – the designhuis is a characteristic sixties building of limestone and teak. it is the old courthouse.


a designhuis branded cake – looks yummy

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