demeisjes: I dare you!



eefje schenk – product

these girls have a lot in common – they live together, studied together and graduated together. they know what they want. they are demanding. but they are interested in different disciplines. severine jessen is the fashion designer, her collection was choosen to be 1 of the 20 best graduates at lichting, a talent show in the netherlands. she did her internship at spijkers en spijkers and found out that she wants to make her own fashion. eefje schenk is the product designer but prefers to say that she is occupied with concept design. she wants that single components are coming together in a natural way. things work together when they just happen. in her object, a sofa which seems to be a perspective drawing, she used her personal space, a room and combined it with a drawing. it’s kinda way of thinking she was skilled by jurgen bey in her internship. she could have done her internship abroad but she feels home in dutch design. meyke link is the textile designer. when she started to study at the academy she not even knew that there is a hole department for textile. she was fascinated by the possibilites of combining material, even in a graphic sens. putting elements together and developing new materials are a challenge and if she could choose she would arrange restaurants, hotels and any other spaces with her aesthetic concept. after working for kamer465 she find out that styling is not her will. but a desire is even an exhibition in a gallery.

now they are planning to exhibit at the dutch design week at the strijp-s in october in eindhoven. they want to present their individual work as a independant group and since today they call themself officialy demeisjes, which means ‘the girls’ in dutch.


severine jessen – fashion

;pojmannaja babotschka’ (butterfly caught) – collection, the bag

‘3d>2d>3d’ – concept couch ‘untitled document’

meyke link – textile

‘the one’ – no correct repetition

the girls in front of their house

draw yourself
severine – eefje – meyke

describe/draw yourself in one word
something that has to come out – room – detail

draw your favourite product
signet ring – elements of a room – pencil

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