cyril duval: how to become a brand without trying

New York

Cyril Duval is Item Idem, a synonym that stands for the potential of becoming an icon. Our first encounter was in 2007, when he won the Great Indoors Award for the Bernhard Willhelm Tokyo flagship boutique. A showroom interior made with material, that some people would call trash. He did something different, something unexpected. He actually just did something he likes. Paris-born Cyril also runs his own Galerie since he moved to New York. It is called Galerie Lafayette, due to the fact that he lives in Manhattan on a street with a similar name. You might think that it’s a little bit too much to declare your space as showroom, but that’s just how it feels when you enter it. It’s Cyril’s world and it’s worth to have a look at it.

A conceptual artist and a connoisseur.

He is not hard trying, every move comes natural.

Maybe not his bible, but a title that fits his person.

Cyril is able to consciously act out an adopted role. Always trying to overdose of consumption, he is not shy, very polite, genuine and loves masquerading. I highly enjoyed taking pictures of him.

Follow Cyril at his very own Colette blog.
Look at some of his projects here.
Watch and listen to him here.

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