Bertjan Pot: an unexpected masquerade

Last week we photographed the outfits for the annual CLASH Project that I execute for Fashionclash. Every year I invite 10 non-fashion designers to make an outfit that is presented on the opening of the 3-day event in June. What I enjoy is that the outcome is unpredictable and the choice of material is surprising. The participants come up with new techniques that lead to little inventions how to make something wearable.

This year one of the participants, the Polish stylist Natalia Kacper Mleczak , did a very colourful suit with massive hands and a mask. I am fond of masks.

Therefore I was delighted to see Bertjan Pot‘s Masks at Plus Design Gallery in Milan this year. On the website he sates that this project is a result of trying to make a carpet from titching a rope together. At the end it didn’t work and the research became a selection of masks. It is nice to see how a failed attempt can lead to something unexpected.

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