Basel: one week in june image drop


Currently I am working on my new portfolio website. It should have been online already, but that’s not the case yet. While collecting all material from the past years I came across a project from 2011 that involved various people that designed an MK, my initials, for my business cards. Earlier in June this year I took the image above at our latest Depot Basel show Craft & Drawing. It’s two prism tables made of MDF, covered with epoxy chips and paint by Swedish designer Fredrik Paulsen. It would have been a great 3dimensional addition. But that’s not what I wanted to say, because you are about to be spoilt with a wild mixture of images from another brutalist design week – this time from Basel.


Do you remember the brainteasers you usually find in magazines or newspapers where you had to find what’s wrong in an image? There is nothing wrong here, but if you look closer you will find some people you might recognise. The first one to spot is Bethan Laura Wood. She is generally unmissable. There is also Pin-Up’s Felix Burrichter on the phone, Belgian journalist Dieter van den Strom looking for Kayne West..


Jon Stam‘s curiosity cabinet at the Caroline van Hoek booth at Design Miami Basel. Click here if you want to see when I saw it the first time ever.


We had a very lucky moment with Depot Basel. Fact is, we worked and are still working on positioning Depot Basel as an flexible place for contemporary design. It feels great that in between good things happen like that we won one of the Swiss Federal Design Awards. This was our presentation at the exhibition that was running during the Art Basel week.


Swiss fashion designer Cosima Gadient after the Swiss Design Award dinner


Dutch designer Lio de Bruin and Depot Basel’s Laura Pregger – we were waiting for everyone to arrive for the award ceremony and the dinner.


Stefan Rechsteiner from Velt footwear and graphic designer Corina Neuenschwander


Big applause for Trix and Robert Haussmann. The Swiss Confederation recognized them for their contribution to Switzerland’s architecture and design history – probably the most important Swiss architects of the twentieth century. There are many very unworthy Wikipedia pages – I can’t believe they don’t have one.


Felix Burrichter and Horacio Silva “Is is the one Leonardo Di Caprio bought today?” What a tacky couch, I think.


The grande dame of Belgian design Moniek Bucquoye and me


Landscape series by India Mahdavi for Carwan Gallery – one of the rare contemporary design presentation on the very vintage design orientated Design Miami


Last year we invited Judith Seng to our Craft & Scenography show. This year she was commissioned by Design Miami to a huge installation in the entry area of the new fair building by Herzog & de Meuron. We are very happy for her!


Tamar Shafir and Vera Sacchetti, don’t we like these two design writers a lot? They are former Domus material, who resigned since Joseph Grima left the publication. If you need quality writing, contact them!


Swedish Lina Zedig – if you are looking for an day enlightening carpet, get on touch with her


Classic Connie Hüsser move


Another rare but fantastic contemporary design presentation at Design Miami. Anton Alvarez‘s The Craft of Thread Wrapping at gallery Libby Sellers stand.


Lea Padovani, Fredrik Paulsen, Anton Alvarez and Sebastien Kieffer – dresscode big patterns but Fredrik didn’t get the invite


Design Art dealer Alexis Ryngaert‘s first cigarette before work


Chrissie Muhr – after e-mailing back and forth I finally met her in person. By chance we bumped into each other at the ICE when we left Basel. We end up sitting in a silent area and couldn’t even talk to each other during the 3 hour train ride, because a man felt really offended by the noise. I wont’ forget that awkward man forever.


Buttons by Studio Swine – worn by Alexander Groves himself


Independent writer Yoko Choy at Vitra‘s Summer Party


Sebastien Kieffer from Paris-based studio Pool. He enjoys takinf pictures too.


Levin Chin and his friend Hilary Frazer on a usual dance routine atVitra‘s Summer Party

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