bamboo: you can do anything you want and more than we ever imagined

Hong Kong

Working platforms run around the circumference of a building, which is also clad in blue netting

I just got back from a trip to Asia. I also took a break from anything else, which included taking care of Mat and me. But now I am back. There was lots to see in Asia but one of the first things I observed was the bamboo scaffolding in Hong Kong. Bamboo is much stronger then it looks and is also used as an assembly material in china. In order to use the wood it needs to be completely dried out and free of any cracks. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth and its use is surprisingly versatile.

Workers climbing a grid-like assembly of bamboo. They move like monkeys and are tied together on the scaffold just with pieces of rope. I don’t think this would be a safety option in Europe or somewhere else

A platform extends from a building

It looks like a balcony but it is an example of truss-out scaffolding which is used for small repairs. These are used in locations where it is not practical to erect a full scaffold structure from the ground. This construction should be not higher than 6 meters.

17 level building

Construction worker

It’s unbelievable that the bamboo structure stands on a little tip

The bamboo components are joint together with a iron wire (zinc coated)or plastic tapes/rope

Bamboo plants in the Kawloon Park

You can also make bamboo juice by cooking the bamboo in water. Maybe the constriction workers drink the green juice to toughen up for the job on the bamboo building site

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