asia: show me what chair’s you got


Star Ferry chair, HongKong

Traveling means that you have more time to look at things around you. When I did my trip to Asia I took many pictures of stuff that sometimes seem to be a little bit different than the things I see every day. One of the items I payed attention to was chairs. They are everywhere, because people enjoy to sit. Quite the best was the chair system I saw on the Hong Kong Star Ferry. The boat brings you from Hongkong Island to Kowloon and instead of turning around it, it just goes forward and backward. The people on the ferry just push the backrest to the other site before they sit down. A smart solution for the constant journey.

Ping Pong table chair, HongKong

This seating possibility looks literally like a mini ping pong table. I spotted it in Stanley, where the famous but boring Stanley Market is. Anyway, the seat is nice and fits into the surrounding.

Wooden chair

The wooden chair seems to be a classic in Asia. It was everywhere. In Thailand, China, Hong Kong. It always has the same construction but sometimes different wood or different paint. Maybe you can buy the parts in some DIY store?

The same wooden chair with blue paint

Fake Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen would cry if he could see this. First of all this is a rip off and second this chair needs an emergency room. I guess that’s it. There were more chairs, of course. But this is my selection.

This will be the last. A little bit cliché, but this is the best, because it’s the ultimate holiday chair. And it works everywhere you find a beach.

One thought on “asia: show me what chair’s you got

  1. lovely article, these ferry benches are the best, they are in my picture library as well.