michael okraj: show me how polish you are


last week I traveled to berlin to see some commercial brand fair and to have a look at the dizajn=design exhibition at the polish Institute. the show deals with polish design and gives you an overview of east european aesthetics.

michael okraj, graphic designer and curator of the show, has selected 10 product designer and 10 graphic designer to fill the space. the fact that you are allowed to touch all the objects in the show, gives the visitor an an additional experience. I am polish by myself and I know that polish people are just not that fussy with their stuff.


michael okraj at dizajn = design exhibition
(meanwhile a malafor trunk is stolen)


futu magazine


ori sto by jakub piotr kalinowski


madonna lamp by beata konarska and pawel konarski


ogryzki by karina marusinska


bolo acoustic man by malafor


alape: magic water table


german brand alape presented ‘betty blue’ a sink that makes the water disappear in the edges at the imm, furniture fair in cologne, last week. the brand says that ‘a bathroom is an architectural space’. mine isn’t but they have certainly convinced me that it could be. Im not sure why, but I like this washbasin, I stood there for 20 minutes mesmerized by the flowing water.


alape was presented within the cologne-based kap forum,
communication platform for architecture, technology, design

robert haslbeck: buy one get one free


german designer robert haslbeck has designed a folding table with the name ‘under-koffer’. unused it has the shape of a flat suitcase. but when you unfold the product it becomes a table that reminds me of an ironing table. robert graduated with this project at the burg giebichenstein hochschule für kunst und design in 2009.

last week the ‘under-koffer’ was part of the 3d contest exhibition, the young designers competition of the imm furniture fair in cologne.



grassland: the grass is always greener on the other side


cologne-based grassland is into grass. absolutly all of their products and installations are made with real grass. when you buy a grassland product you receive a lush green object that transfers naturally into a dry straw-coloured object after a month or two. right now grassland is exhibiting at the designers fair in cologne till tomorrow.


orb – the grass ball


next – the grass subscription


don’t really know the name of this lamp