hussein chalayan: concept of flight

I have visited the hussein chalayan exhibition at the design museum in london. its a comprehensive retrospective about the fashion designers work between 1994 – 2009.

this is the aircraft wing chandelier for the swarovski crystal palace at kunsthalle mannheim .

Its a large flap moving slowly up and down, revealing a long strip of swarovski crystals which are illuminated from behind by led lights. the installation is called ‘repose’ and belongs to the autumn/winter collection 2006.



also included into the installation:a digital clock with specially cut crystals, featuring 24 leds and 96 crystal octagons

changes at

I announce couple changes that will or have occurred on my blog:

    I have added a ‘drawn interview’ symbol to the interviews of the designers to separate the pictures from the drawings

    I will start to watermark my pictures. It happens often that I find my pictures on other websites without putting a link to shame on you!

    I will finally publish more information about me. so people who don’t know me will find out whats behind all this

lalala, matylda

roy mcmakin: not english but handmade

roy mcmakin is sometimes described as a designer, sometimes as an architect but mainly as a craftsman.

english furniture manufacturer established & sons is presenting an exhibition of selected work of the american creative. It’s his first european debut in london.


high chest of drawers with knobs,
originally made in 1986, made of mahogany


ebonized stools

want to see more? see

henk: car or luxury suitcase – which is the best investment?

couple days ago I have visited metaalwarenfabriek phoenix, metal working factory phoenix, in eindhoven. designconnection brainport, a network for designers and industry, have organized a guided tour through all facilities of the factory.

I found a case of a henk suitcase in the showroom of the factory and couldn’t believe that $20,000 are standing in front of me. yes, $20,000!! a dutch real estate magnate named henk worked together with frog design to create a strong, agile suitcase for the elite travelers. It is crafted of 500 component parts and its shell is made of super lightweight carbon fiber.

I mean, I am traveling a lot but I prefer to buy a car instead of a suitcase that is worth $20,000.





watch it: the story of stuff

I can highly recommend this movie about the underside of our production and consumption patterns. annie leonard is guiding through the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues in a way that possibly make you change the way you look at all the stuff in your life.

more about the movie here.

pecha kucha maastricht:
20 x 20 = 6,40

last friday I attended at the 2nd pecha kucha night at the ainsi in maastricht, netherlands.

pecha kucha forces a presenter to show 20 images for 20 seconds a piece, for a total time of 6 minutes, 40 seconds. this form of presentation was invented in japan in 2003 by tokyo based architects astrid klein and mark dytham, klein dyham.

I am sure everybody of us know some creatives that tend to talk to much and too long about their ideas. anyway, I think I am going to participate at the next pecha kucha maastricht on saturday, 20th june 2009. lalala