ross lovegrove in a bathroom

london-based industrial designer ross lovegrove visited cologne last night to present his istanbul bathroom collection for turkish brand vitra (I know what you think.. ‘doesn’t that name belong to the manufacturer of designer furniture? THE vitra‘)

during his speech the socalled captian organic described the range as ‘digital organic islamic’. what a description. but again he is using a nature based design language. so I really wanted to talk to ross but unfortunately he was so busy with talking to different people that I didn’t get the chance. what a pity..



ross lovegrove

lutz caesar: animal sweater

lutz caesar is a photographer. he is the one who took the picture of me above. lutz parents were on a trip in south america in 1981. they bought this sweater with the lama theme. and now, 28 years ago, lutz felt that its his time to wear it. (I want one with horses or with armadillos)


rest area – highway 40 between bochum and essen, germany

xo laptop – low cost functionality

it might not look great, but there is a great intention behind it. this is the xoxo laptop by industrial designer yves béhar. the laptop is part of the ‘one laptop per child‘ project and is manufactured by quanta computer. basically it means that by producing a basic device they ensure that every child from the developing world has access to a personal computer.

the xo is not new, they even brought the xoxo on the market, a version which is half the original size of the xo. and it has also won many design awards. but my friend anna pors, who is doing her internship at eggfilm in south africa, send me 3 links to some videos which are produced by the company she is working for right now.


the $100 laptop at the red dot design museum in essen, germany

olpc mission, part 1: principles and child empowerment

olpc : zimi’s story full


the miele products are winner of the red dot design award 2007 and are ‘produced for the north american market’. I wonder if the people in north america are bigger than in europe?!..


miele t9800 tumble dryer – me – w4800 washing machine

moss or chocolate?


moss pencil by bangkok-based I’m curio,
red dot award winner 2008

I’m curio’s product description:
‘the fluffy green jacket plays wit its haptic appeal. curiously, the viewer immediately takes this pencil into his hands’.


and here we have the chocolate pencil by me.
I think I deserve the red dot improvisation award 2009

matylda’s product description:
‘the temptation make you pick up the pencil and put the chocolate in your mouth. curiously, the user can use the pencil afterwards.’