christmas holidays blog break

no post since 5 days.

time for a little christmas break. everybody needs some holidays.


me and my family, breakfast on the 25th december. we always look like total twats. especially when we wear our christmas caps.

Inamo restaurant: stop talking to the waitress

another restaurant opened in london town. the inamo. I’ve read that people call it new pan-asian bar and restaurant. (yeah, life isn’t complicated enough)

the soho-based restaurant has a feature: virtual menus which have to be navigated via table-top projections. each table has its own projector. basically you order your food (nice pictures are a visual help of choice) by your own and for the rest you can change the graphics on the table, see what the cook is doing, order a cab (if necessary) and see where the next club is. great interactive table which might be helpful by a boring date. (mine wasn’t)

oh, another major point to mention (for beer lovers like me): they just have one sort of beer which isn’t fantastic.


inamo – view from outside


checking out the interactive table

royal college of art: work in progress


last week I went to the royal college of art in london to take a look on the work in progress show which is held twice a year. the show includes models, early prototypes and conceptual design work from the college’s courses in design products, design Interactions, Industrial design engineering and others. here are a few of the projects (I didn’t took many pictures), which will be further developed for the final show next summer.


writing in public by kieren jones

kineatic design: troika’s cloud

after the book launch I am still engaged by troika‘s work. one of my favorites by far is the digital sculpture for terminal 5 at heathrow airport in london. the piece is five meter long. it’s surface is covered with 4,638 flip-dots controlled by a computer. on one side they are black, on the other side shiny silver.

I love the flick-flick noise as the cloud changes color. reminds me of the sound of the old departure boards in airports. unfortunately this video doesn’t has sound though.