reasonable sarcasm: usefull or senseless

one of my favourite audio books is ‘generation golf’ from florian illies, a german journalist and author. ‘generation golf‘ is about life in the 80ies.(unfortunatly there is no english edition) florian is describing things exactly how I remember them while growing up. one thing I remeber is that he says that people who use to have leonardo glass (awful!) in the 80ies are buying alessi (no comment) in the 90ies. so what do people now? ikea glasswear? anyways, I found this illustration in the titanic magazine, a german satire mag. it declares everything. life is full of irony.

‘it’s from alessi’

another threesome goes separate ways: the story

I am living in a flat close to the city centre of maastricht. (some people allege that I just live here for 3 months p. a. – how come? at least I am a domestic person) within 3 years I moved 3 times but I spend the last 2 years in this apartment. jasper mueller was the first guy I lived with and then nika rams took his place. but during the last years I’ve spend my main time with miriam hartwig and anna pors. miriam graduated in fashion in 2007 and anna is studying video at my academy. miriam already moved out (last friday) and will be in new york for a month. she wants to visit some friends and say hello to her beloved city. anna will be in south africa for a half year. she is doing her internship at egg films. my plans are to be in london for the next 2 months and to do my internship at dezeen, online magazine for design & architecture. these pictures were the last one we took together. on a field, on a couch. very spontanious. but good.






coolest street in town

excerpts of a youth movement: the t-shirt

I have been at the highfield festival last weekend. weather wasn’t bad and people were flaunting their tshirts. most of them from bands, festivals or concerts. maybe to make converstation easier. I give you an example: ‘hey, I also saw madonna live in 1989 – great. let’s get wasted!’

the official festival shirt – cheap, easy to clean and comfortable

my favourite – ‘take a sip of sonic youth‘ – I want!

the indifferent – no public statement and not interested in a conversation

good one – I even like the fotos sometimes.

first helvetified and then objectified – and you can watch it

there are so many people who romanticize the helvetica. a typeface that affected the life of millions. most, in typeface interested folks, know the helvetica documentary by gary hustwit. now he decided to make a movie about industrial design (I would also mention product design). about the people behind the products you use. to name just a few examples: ronan and erwan bouroullec from paris, jonathan Ive from apple, marc newson from london and hella jongerius from rotterdam. the title is objectified. things are seldom that unambiguous. the movie is currently in production and will have its world premiere in early 2009.

objectified logo by build

marc newson – lockheed lounge

hella jongerius – office pets

ronan and erwan bouroullec – rocks

jonathan ive – iphone

knock knock – who’s there? banana! banana who?

what’s the perfect banana? the brown one, the green one or the yellow one?! people like this fruit in a different way. I prefer a green banana because a brown pulpy banana made me throw up in my childhood. and now my life is affected by a paranoia. and how can people eat a fried banana (this one is even with ice cream ahhh)? you get these often in a chinese restaurant as a dessert. that gives me the creeps. anyway, I am in the mood of some banana topics because I found 2 pictures of bananas in my archive while I’ve been working on a new portfolio.

how to make a gun out of a banana? I am curios what kind of ammo I need for this one

here is the proof: bananas aren’t always curved

yo get what you see – banana juice – clever packaging from naoto fukasawa

the banana wall, an installation from stefan sagmeister – I never expected him to do something like this – but you never can tell

I was really fighting with myself about posting or not posting this, but I need to show it. obviously its a german invention (or a chinese one). and how can they write ‘ ideal for kindergarden, school..’ – I would never give that thing in the hand of my child. it looks so kinky it cries out for a reference in an ann summers or beate uhse catalogue.

banana bunker by erro ‘design’ – be ashamed when you carry this in your bag

dutch vs. german: installed photography

last night I have been at the nike store opening in berlin mitte. a nice store and a bunch of people wearing nikes. artwork of diffrent creatives were shown. could not find something that I liked but one. there was this sarah illenberger creation and I immediatly had to think about my beloved maurice scheltens. it’s not that sarah is coping him but I see a striking resemblance (I guess I see a link between the work in the nike store and the one maurice did for psp. check my post from february about maurice’s work) I do not need to say that the dutch wins again, its obvious that he is stronger by use of form. maurice is doing that with an easiness and without adding any unnecessary extras.

sarah illenberger in the nike store berlin

sarah illenberger – mc forest

sarah illenberger – lauter nette kerle




maurice scheltens – nike (hey, everbody wanna work for them)

maurice scheltens – fantastic man packing

maurice scheltens – audi