family guy meets aha: take on me, take me oooon

how cool is that – there is an aha video included into one of the family guy episodes. to be honest, it is one of the best videos ever and also a good 80ies song. thumps up for the instructive and brilliant family guy and for the song which was sold 1.5 million times worldwide in one week.

family-guy-aha-videomorten harket (aha) + chris griffin (family guy)

the video used a pencil-sketch animation/live action combination called rotoscoping (individual frames of live video are drawn over or colored)

new designers: who needs links and information?

I could say that It’s so long since I’ve posted something. 4 days.. very long run. at present I am hanging around at my parents place, herdecke – germany, and they have trouble with the internets. so now I arranged my ‘summer office’ at a friends place in dortmund (he is in possession of the magic internet) where I will spend the next couple nights (the days are too hot) to work on some projects. unfortunatly I forgot all content, asides from the pictures, of the new designers at my home in the netherlands. like I use to say: ‘daring the gap’! – check out the pictures without any further information (or just less) from the newdesigners graduation show in london.

nick sims – graphic design – really average?
(ok, some information)

adam-rowe adam rowe
I do not like the design realisation but the idea of deleting the legs and giving a ‘podium’ to the armchair makes the barock chair a perfect throne

bad, bad design. I would not even buy that for my kids (if I would have some) but I am a of alice’s adventures in wonderland

baby gangsta clothes. kinda cool.

thats great. not my colours but it helps to distinguish the diffrent cables in the power socket – a solution for a every day problem

a tinfoil table. leaves markes when you use it.

graduation show in maastricht: product design review

after a great weekend in hockenheim I am back in my adopted country, maastricht, nl. I still have a lot pictures from the graduation show of my academy, academy maastricht, and of course I wanna show you my sweeties.

eefje schenk – object – a concept couch

eefje schenk – object – a concept couch – marquettes

laszlo rosznoki – share-a-chair (design with stihl) [chair] – can be used as one comfortable chair and in a case of a lot of guests you can ‘split’ it

laszlo rosznoki – 14 % [table] – concept table with antislip tablecloth (new gecko: specially structured silicone coating)

kaspar hamacher – the leather belt – the combination of gravity and the cow leather belt form a storage space for books (left: the board + the stool – 2 other prjojects)

kaspar hamacher – because of the concave surface of the board the books support each other. the functions of a book shelf unite in this board

sabine scheurer – leave marks when using – imprinTable + carpet

sabine scheurer – leave marks when using – imprinTable

F1 and the value of an adidas store

I am at the hockenheimring in germany right now. formula 1, baby. after the qualifying we drove back to our hotel in sinsheim and passed some villages. one of them was muehlhausen (seemed to be a 1 minute ride) fascinated by the billboards we had to have a look on the adidas store in town. good to know that life beyond a metropolis can be so easy and that interior design is a side effect.



spread your legs

race boy

viktor & rolf: the kinglike puppeteers

maybe 3 months ago I was having a sandwich with a friend in a cafe in maastricht. when we left the building 2 man were passing us on the parking place. I starred at them but had no clue who they were. it was a common feeling that you already saw somebody once, not sure where from. then it came back to me: VIKTOR & ROLF !!! (unshaved, casual clothes) passed me on a ordinary sunday. I didn’t knew what to do. go back, talk to them was the first thought but my friend persuaded me that I wont see them the last time in my life so I did not went back. (I know, I am stupid)

now, being in london for couple days I had to see their exhibition in the barbican. its a 15-year career of viktor & rolf, the ones who convert fashion into fairy tales and theater. the centre of the retrospective is a doll’s house designed by siebe tettero . he is working a lot with the duo and also designed their office in amsterdam and their stores. I wish they would also play the music from their website, that would make the ‘cabinet of curiosities’ more to a cinderella story. unfortunetly it was forbidden to take pictures but I took a risk and shoot some anyway (not the best ones)

the doll’s house by tettero, presenting 54 porcelain dolls wearing a perfect miniature version of all the dresses in the exhibition
photo: dezeen

l’hiver de l’amour 1994
one of their first collections I would call it installation

bedtime story, 2005-06
tori amos playing the piano during the show

black light, 1999

upside-down store in milan by tettero