maurice scheltens: installation photography

landscape photography has never been something I like. just as still lifes. I appreciate photos with people. once in a blue moon I like still lifes. the exceptions proves the rule, people say. here is one of these rare exceptions: ( damn, he is good )

nike | posters for shoes | 2007

intersection | eau de mobile | 2004

psp | white | 2006

doingbird magazine | coathangers | 2007

maurice scheltens is working in the fields of fashion, art and advertisement. he creates still lifes that are both hyper realistic and completely artificial. Usually he takes objects from the worlds of commerce, fashion and design. He tends to remove them from their natural habitats and places them in a new environment. Thereby he often exposes them to uneasy conditions. And THAT combination I find fascinating. And suddenly I like a still life.

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stingray lounge chair – your granny would be jealous


another story from the furniture fair, IMM, in cologne. when I was there I had a nice chat with a salesman from fredericia furniture, denmark. I just walked by and wanted to sit down. I saw these cozy looking chairs and he offered me to sit. I ended up lounging there for more than a half hour and actually wanted to stay but I had to move on.

now I read that this chair, called stingray, got the ‘interior innovation award 2008‘. the idea für stingray had the young danish designer thomas pedersen and it is a re-thinked alternative of the stingray made of plastic. an oldfashioned rocking chair gets a new meaning and becomes a modern classic.

everbody wants to sit on the stingray

nice frederica salesman from copenhagen

nils holger moormann: ‘der berg ruft’

don’t we know the problems about backpacking. big rooms, dormitory bunks – it’s loud, it’s uncomfortable. of course you meet new, interesting people while traveling. but is that worth to stay another night?

isn’t that the perfect idyll?

nils holger moormann studied law but his curiosity for design made him start his own practice in 1982. he shows us simple forms and detailed solutions in his work and has been producing and selling work by young unknown designers ever since.

His new baby is an old historical building in aschau, bavaria. he is converting it into a hostel. and aschau is the place where you can also find his company. the project is called ‘berge’ – which is an deduction of the german word ‘herberge’ (hostel) and can be translated into ‘mountain’. Moormann wants to create a meetingpoint for creative people, a place where you want to stay. you will find there individual appartments with own kitchens, no tv – just a library with selected books. the interior will be, like moormann’s products are always described, modestly down-to-earth.

actually I didn’t wanted to promote his project in the way I did. but the fact that he is doing that without financial benefit and is investing so much, he proves that he is an entrepeneur who finishes what he starts. 3 rooms are already done. I am curious how it will be when the whole hostel is ready.




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trend: go for gold

I already saw the sofa last year at the milan design week 2007. but my flatmate found the picture in a magazine and we think that it is a post worth. especially because gold became so en vogue thesedays.
maybe we like it because our couch will be away soon and we are searching for some replacement.

the matching jacket to the sofa – nice twin-set

chantilly oval by edra

lamé wind breaker by american apparel

looking for some pony

I am busy with a project where I need toy ponys.
(the ponys which barbie use to ride)

If you have a pony and you don’t need it anymore let me know, please. – thanks in advance. lalala

no voodoo – but it’s pretty difficult to pick it to pieces

finally the pony is open – but I need 2 undamaged pieces

advertising campaign without address

maastricht. netherlands. I don’t know where this is from because there is nothing than a picture of somebody hiding his face behind his hands. the topic could be moral courage or human rights. maybe discrimination or racism. who knows? several versions are spreaded in the hole city. in my opinion the campaign strives for the goal to let people think about the meaning. I just can say: they got me.