woonidee: stand – academy of fine arts maastricht

another story from the fair in utrecht: our academy has an own stand. actually, I think it is in a big contrast to the other stands. I think, the others come off badly, because you just find commercial brands (hello, this is about the students … and if you want to “boast”m why don’t you take some of the ‘premier’ brands) and the stands are created loveless. sorry if I come across as “self-boasting”, myself.

another thing I do not understand: how can a fair who is in its first edition call itself: ‘the best living fair in the netherlands’ ? what about you guys let the visitors decide ? I am quite sure, this is bad marketing, too.

here are some impressions of “our” stand abk maastricht so you guys can get a feeling whether my claims could be right. our stand is a stand to interact which I find great. made by passionate students:




here is a sticky idea of jana walliser
first you need a chewing gum…

…after chewing you put it on the wall…

…and the chair receives colour

dinner with designers

I was in utrecht (if people say that amsterdam is a great dutch city they haven’t been in utrecht yet) in the last 2 days and spend a great evening with some former design academy students. stephan siepermann and jeroen wesselink have their studio in an old moat in the city centre of utrecht. koen lomans cooked a perfect dinner, my favourite beefsteak included. we had some wine and obviously a lot of fun.




‘leaft’ lamp – stephan siepermann (you can find the hanging version above)

‘saddle’ chair – jeroen wesselink

in the mix – work of both

| stephan siepermann |
| jeroen wesselink |
| jan koen lomans |

item idem on a party

I found this today. from last year’s the great indoors awards afterparty.

fabian von spreckelsen and me with item idem’s asa warschafsky

bernhard willhelm opened his first shop in tokyo on february 4th 2006. the design-duo item idem created an environment inspired by the shelters of japanese homeless which are build with found objects, cardboards, blue plastic and waste of the consumerist society.


‘this shop is the ideal palace for a dandy-homeless.’

| item idem |
– when I saw the homepage the first time I wasn’t sure if it is the right one. but don’t get confused. it’s the right one! when you use the link, you will know what I am talking about.. go for it