valentin löllmann: or less.

Valentin is student of product design, connoisseur of the art of living and is host of the ‘weplayyoudance’ partys in maastricht which he does with his older brother jonas.san. But his real passion is interior design. Constantly he is remodeling his direct ambiance.
This is his ‘new’ kitchen:

I like the ‘zaha hadid organic touch’ in the mix of the ‘jackson pollock was there and was drunk again style’





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pro poland

At home. Today I got my first issue of ‘polenplus’. It’s a magazine on poland. And on life, art and the economy in particular.
You open it, you start to read and you don’t want to stop. It pokes out of the bulk of existing magazines. Every issue is arranged in one continous colour, on the outer edge you always find an explanation to the themes or people who are mentioned in the articles (like a wikpedia abridgement), you find an ‘easy-to-read’ font size (my mum will be thankful for that) and most important: you don’t feel penetrated by advertising.’polenplus’ is authentic and well-defined.

If I wouldn’t be polish – now I would like to be polish.



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unfortunately the magazines is only available in german

desired cultural infrastructure

Maastricht. Netherlands. Today I went to the ‘New Year’s Reception’ in the NAI, dutch architecture institution. For drinks and cultural input. A film, made by the research group ‘ traces of autism’ from the design department of the Jan van Eyck Academy, was presented. It deals with the area around the large Sphinx building in maastricht and the urban development which is starting to be developed around there.
I watched it together with a bunch of very important people and during the presentation I was looking around. My conclusion: nobody really got the aim of the film. me also. I felt like they want to brainwash me. but thank god, this were the first research results. so, we are waiting for the following lectures and the solution. To be continued wednesday, 30th january / 2 pm.

hand out . the content of the film
tracesofautism1.jpgI underlined ‘das unheimliche’ because it makes me grin when foreigners speak german

top view of the area

NAi | Avenue Ceramique 226, Maastricht, NL
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Before I came to maastricht to study product design I was busy with 2 dimensional design. My teachers use to say that sometimes I am captured in this world.
So here some help for the prisoners: 2 books which show how graphic design is moving into 3 dimensional objects and products.



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preview: [d³] design talents – furniture fair cologne

Cologne. Germany. From the 14th – 21th January 2008, the [d³] design talents event for young, independent designers will be taking place at imm cologne for the third time. Here are some pictures which are made today – 4 days before the grand opening. Still a lot to do… where are the products?

stand | academy of fine arts maastricht

stand | [d³ contest]

stand |

stand | fh aachen, germany

stand | meetingpoint build by the academy of fine arts maastricht, netherlands

hard but destructible

Maastricht. Netherlands. The Centre Céramique, the information- and communicationcentre, presents an exhibition over ‘fragile’ design. ‘Breekbare ideen’ shows ceramic products from different fields. So have a look on what is possible.

maxime_ansiau.jpgmaxime anssiau
skyscraper, 2006

ted noten
golden stacking, 2004

maria roosen
decorated toilet / flower, 1998

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