Babylon – what margin is left to us to imagine the future ahead?

Barcelona. Spain. International festival of contemporary art. The diffrent participating artists place themselves with sceptism towards the problematic characteristics of the city.

Gerard Cuartero-Betriu / Jordi Querait i Suau
‘dibuixa’t la ciutat’, 2007
draw your city
This project proposes an analysis and a later reflection about the contemporary city, by making available to the inhabitants – the real protagonists – a discussion framework about the city.

Mark Wolf
‘architecture of density’, 2005
mark wolf
my interpretation: lack of space – lack of intimicy

Gosia Hejnat
‘plakatomania’, 2006
billboard advertisements and posters in berlin to reveal the artistic and personal responses of the artist

at 10 pm the hole terrain was still filled with young artloving people. Where are these people in the rest of europe?

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delta award 2007: gimme delta

Barcelona. Spain. The Delta Awards were held for the first time in 1961 and since then it has always been an important channel for promoting designers and companies. These valuable platform for public recognition exhibited the winners of 2007 in the fad.

fad barcelona
fad – fostering arts and design

jajme hayon showtime collection
jajme hayon – showtime collection | bd barcelona design

I am proud being able to tell that my ass is always sitting on a piece of awarded design! (dont’t pay attantion to the cable spaghetti)
hag caprisco
peter opsvik – HAG capisco | my own HAG capisco – yeah!

who the fuck was responsible for choosing the dessin?

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