Dutch Design Week: first impressions

Eindhoven. Two days of the DDW are over. First I spend my time in the charactersitic Klokgebouw РStrijp-S |http://www.strijp-s.nl/|, which forms the heart of the DDW. Various events are taking place there. You can find about 70 exhibitors: Graduates |www.graduation2007maastricht.nl|, |www.groenehonden.nl| There is also a meeting point where you can obtain detailed information about the DDW. In the Strijp-S caf̩ |http://www.kinnyskitchen.nl|, especially designed by Katja Donders, you can get delicious sandwiches, refreshments and cakes. Everything what the hungry design voyeur needs.

For the lazy ones: The DDW Design Shuttles take you daily to any DDW location, at a price of 1.50 € per person and ride, or 5€ for a dy ticket. You’ll find the shuttles at the Strip-S and at the De Witte Dame.

Another hot tip is the TAC |www.temporaryartcentre.nl/|. The reception is build like a chapel where the concierge welcome you with the words: ‘Holy tac’. The center has over 80 ateliers and exhibition places. There are working over 90 TAC-fellows. It is build like a church. Everything is holy. If you are thirsty you can get holy water or holy wine. If you feel that you have to confess you will find a priest. I like the idea of giving a creative center a touch of an institution. But in a playful way. Its’s a design festival in which belief and belief in design are central.

holy priest

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Dutch Design Week: Preview

Eindhoven. This coming weekend I am traveling to check out what’s rolling in the Dutch Design Week.

logo ddw

On saturday I am attending at the:
• ‘Graduates ABKM’
graduates from my art academy | product

On sunday I will find myself here:
• ‘De modebelofte 2007’
a selection of graduated students | fashion

• ‘Graduation Galleries’
design academy – a selection of graduated students | product

Next week i will be at the DDW again.

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Looking forward to share my perceptions with you guys…